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What are dreams?

According to some, they are the simple product of the unbridled imagination of our brain, chimeras without substance, nocturnal delusions without importance. According to this vision, our dreams are nothing but the garbage of the subconscious. Basically, waste of our thoughts, with no other value than to occupy us during the dark hours of the night.

And yet, what a mistake it would be to think like this! Dreams are anything but futile. They are reflections of the soul, hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, poems written in the language of the unconscious. Our dreams, even the most absurd, are true masterpieces: a complex mosaic of symbols and clues that only reveal themselves to those who are ready to decipher their meaning.

The dilettante (or the ordinary citizen in modern parlance), this superficial amateur, will see a dream as a simple distraction, a fleeting escape from reality. But the true seeker, the one who dares to delve into the depths of the soul, will discover an infinite world of mysteries and hidden truths. Dreams are the raw material of the mind, the fertile ground from which ideas, inspirations and, yes, magic spring.

I have always been convinced that sleep is not simply an escape, but rather a deep journey into the heart of the universal. We, as ephemeral beings, are constantly searching for meanings, searching for answers that go beyond the limits of our sensory perception.

Rather than seeing dreams as simple puzzles to be solved, I perceive them as symphonies of the mind, vibrant allegories of our deepest desires, fears and hopes.

Each moment in a dream is a note, a melody in the orchestra of our souls, woven by our experiences and our insatiable quest for understanding. A symbol, however small, is the echo of a greater melody, a cosmic piece.

Nietzsche inspires us to look beyond easy truths and delve into the depths of human experience. Like him, I believe that this desire for truth is not a simple quest for facts, but an inner call pushing us to give meaning to the tumultuous experience of life.

Dreamlike journey! A sanctuary of emotions and discoveries that transports us beyond the veil of reality, dreams are like windows to our soul. They show us what we really feel, far from the masks we wear every day.

My Grand Dictionary of Dreams is an invitation to all those who seek to decode this celestial music that resonates in every dream, a call to transcend the mundane to embrace the divine. Because life is a melody of which dreams are its harmonies. It is up to us to listen to them, understand them and, perhaps, live them fully.

What are dreams (bis)?

Either the dreams say nothing, in which case you must keep silent forever and never mention them again. Either they say everything, and we must then plunge immediately into their depths, in search of their truths.

Do you dare to join me and decipher them right here? Because there, among the links and pages of my site, each symbol lights up and guides us towards the elusive light of the unconscious. Together, let’s reveal the mysteries hidden behind these dreams, because dreams, my friends, are the secret language of the soul.